As every year around this time, we are again organizing Openmobility, our annual conference for open mobile platforms, open source hardware, and this year also about DIY/Maker movement. We are crossing borders when this year’s conference takes place over the weekend of April 6 and 7, 2013 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Entry to the conference is, as usual, free. For news and updates, follow: www.openmobility.eu


Openmobility Conference 2012

Program is available

For inspiration, you may have a look at presentations from previous conferences, or propose something new and original. Our focus is on open source hardware systems like Raspberry Pi, Arduino clones, CuBox or PandaBoard and of cours Linux mobile phones and tablets. Here we focus on systems like Openmoko, MeeGo Harmattan, WebOs and QtMoko, but we also welcome presentations on Android, as long as they are focusing on open source.


STAX platform

Other topics may include BlackBerry Cascades, Jolla Sailfish, Firefox OS and Ubuntu Phone. Often, we also see presentations connected to frameworks used on mobile devices, like Qt, EFL, oFono, and others.

We are, of course, interested in other topics as well. In the past we have seen presentations that deal, for example, with the OpenStreetMap, the functionality of GSM, and mobile networks. We would also welcome presentations that look at devices like Microsoft Kinect, Open Source implementations of the GSM stack OsmocomBB, and projects connected to the 3D printer RepRap and 3D printing in general.

Time slots assigned for regular talks are 50 minutes, 10 minutes for Lighting Talks and 50 or 100 minutes for workshops. We offer space for presenting your projects on tables in the hall in front of lecture rooms. You can invite our attendees to visit your talk and after that continue here discussions about your project with them. Tell us how much space you want and if you need any electric sockets.


RepRap 3D printer

Like any great event, we need sponsors. Sponsors may either place their advertising, banners, leaflets, and other materials at the venue, or may negotiate another form of cooperation.

Since this conference is moving from city to city and is essentially an event for enthusiasts, we always need more people on the coordination team. This really comes down to hands-on help at the venue, for example, getting the rooms ready and recording presentations.
If you want to sponsor Openmobility 2013, give a presentation, or help us in other ways, you can reach us at conference@openmobility.eu.

Many thanks for your support.

The conference Openmobility is organized now for the fourth time by the non-profit organization Openmobility, residing at: Lamačova 634/2, Prague 52, 152 00 and registered at the Ministry of the Interier of the Czech Republic, 18 November 2010, no. VS-1-1/82038/10-R, IČO: 22848037. Our aim is the support and popularization of open mobile technologies and open source hardware.


Openmobility members after meeting